The National Document for the Protection of Sovereignty, Restoration of the State and Achieving Peace

Number of signatories so far:

In order to protect the national constants represented by the republican system, national unity, pluralistic democracy and sovereignty. We, the Yemeni signatories to this document, affirm our commitment to achieving its priorities to protect these guidelines, end the coup, restore the state, reinforce independence of political decision, and attain peace and stability. We have gathered all efforts to achieve the campaign, based on the constitution, the law, and the three references, in accordance with the priorities presented in this document. We also affirm that we and our great people will stand against any practices that violate this document or exceed any of its provisions under any justification whatsoever by various legitimate means.

  • Unify the goals and agenda of the national forces, politically and militarily, towards ending the coup, restoring the state, protecting the supreme power and restoring peace.
  • Commit to the constitution, the law, as well as preserve the republican system, political pluralism and our national unity.
  • Unify the political discourse of state institutions and their leadership in accordance with the goals and references represented by the Gulf Initiative and its executive mechanism, the outcomes of the National Dialogue Conference and Security Council Resolution 2216.
  • Integrate and unify all military and security units under the leadership of the Ministries of Defense and Interior to build an army and security consistent to one Yemeni national agenda.
  • Postpone all of the demands and the issues of the political parties until after the end of the coup, the restoration of the state, and the confirmation of its solution through political discussions.
  • The government will be in the peace process led by the United Nations with one agenda: ending the coup, stopping the war in order to restore the state and protect sovereignty in accordance with the references.
  • Regard what happened since September 21, 2014 as a coup against the Yemeni government, against the political process, against all regional and international efforts to achieve stability in Yemen, as well as the rejection of the coup and all that it entails.
  • Confront al-Houthi as a coup group that led the country to violence by setting fires allover the country, including threatening international navigation.
  • Stand firm and carry out the power of the state and its institutions that is granted and guaranteed by the constitution and the law, regardless of the coup or any other parties.
  • Refute and refuse the formation of any military or security forces outside the framework of state institutions. We will not allow anyone to replace the state with militias, or try and prevent state institutions from carrying out their rightful duties.
  • We will protect the civil rights and freedoms at all costs. Also we must highlight and expose crimes and violations that affect the Yemeni people, and address them locally and internationally.
  • Reopen all state institutions, returning them to their land, and carry out their role, adjust to civil life in the liberated governorates, take care of citizens in all of the cities, fight corruption and nepotism, address any failure or negligence in the efficacy of institutions and their leadership.
  • Strengthen the national economy, collect all state resources, prevent the waste of public money, and disburse the salaries of state employees in the army, security and civil sectors.
  • Use official and civil Yemeni diplomacy in the face of the coup, the militias, and any violators of national sovereignty, and condemn them locally and internationally.
  • Combine the media discourse of the official and private media institutions and direct them to support the government’s efforts to protect sovereignty, restore the state, and achieve peace and stability in Yemen.
  • Compliance with the constitution and the law in recruitment, employment and all practices of state institutions and leaders will be crucial.
  • Commitment of the forces participating in power to the state’s directions, discourse, and political and civil performance in accordance with the constitution and the law. We will not to allow the government’s power to be used to market or promote any private agenda.
  • Uphold and strengthen the national army and the civil resistance, support their allegiance, celebrate their victories, glorify and memorialize the sacrifices of the martyrs and treat the wounded.
  • Deal responsibly with the role of the coalition in Yemen and when necessary reject or confront any interference or practices that may bypass state institutions, contradict the constitution, the law and the three references, or detract from the sovereignty of the country.
  • Ensure that the southern issue and all national issues are addressed, based on the comprehensive national dialogue document.
  • Strengthen the political participation of our youth and women in the state administration and political decision-making, especially in the liberated governorates.
  • Ensure that Aden is a temporary capital for all Yemenis and guarantee freedom of movement, stability, and work for all Yemenis from different governorates.
  • Spread the culture of coexistence, brotherhood, tolerance, cooperation and interdependence in society, contribute to preserve the social community, emphasize the unity of Yemen as land and people, and reject dynasty ruling, sectarianism, regionalism and destructive ideas.

The public’s support for the authority today is linked to the fulfillment of what is included in the document, which represents the most important priorities that our great people aspire to, as rightful duties guaranteed by the constitution, laws and references. When the goals of this document are accomplished, the Yemeni crisis ends, the government and its political forces will have earned the public’s support, and any breach or transgression of these terms will be confronted by the people in proper and lawful ways, the people have the power and it is the only source.